Allergies got you down?

Its that time of year again!

Spring has sprung and all the trees and flowers are coming back to life!

That means... pollen.

I once had the worst allergies. I would avoid going outdoors in the spring. I always had a sinus headache and watery eyes. It was miserable. I was miserable. 

Over the counter allergy medication made me drowsy or jittery, I spent a lot of money and time trying things that didn't work for me. So I just avoided the outdoors in spring and fall as tree pollen was my main allergen. NO FUN!

When I started my natural ways I started doing research on ways to holistically curb my allergy symptoms. I found several plants and herbs that claimed to help allergy sufferers. I then started the process of testing these. And to my relief, they actually worked!!!!!

Thank you Lord! 

We combined those plants and herbs, our sinus syrup and allergy tinctures were born. For the Sinus Syrup we use nettle, a natural antihistamine. Over the counter antihistamines can make you groggy, but nettle will actually give you energy over time. We added Dandelions, which and great for spring allergies, help with sneezing and mucus, and reduces sinus pressure. We use Mullein as it helps lung and respiratory function. We add Elderberries to stabilize the immune systems response to allergies. We also use goldenrod in our sinus syrup, with helps with mucus and allergy symptoms. Goldenrod is great for ragweed allergies specifically. We use our ultra filtered water and add our local raw honeyfor an extra kick! Its sweet and tastes like a green tea with honey! I was delighted to find relief in such a natural product! 

I wanted to also make a tincture for allergies. Tinctures don't taste as good as syrup, but they are better absorbed and have a longer shelf life. In our allergy tincture we use the 3 herbs I found to be the most beneficial, Nettle, Mullein and Goldenrod. I keep an allergy tincture in my purse for on the go relief. 

So don't let allergies keep you from enjoying all that spring has to offer. There is a natural option. Try it, you'll be glad you did! 

Get the Sinus Syrup here.

Get the Allergy Tincture here.


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