Garlic Olive Oil Treatment


GOOT is one of my favorite and most used remedies. So gentle and versatile. It’s delicious on toast or to cook with. It is also a very powerful medicine! And it’s even safe for babies! 


GOOT can :

boost your immune system 
kill bacteria and viruses 
helps sniffling, sneezing, and coughing 
allergy, cold, and flu relief 
helps prevent blood clots
lower blood pressure 
reduce heart attack risk
relieve toothache 
a good decongestant 
prevents/fights cancer
cure ear infection 
fights candida and kills parasites 
helps aches and pains
arthritis pain
pink eye cure
shrinks fibroids
athletes foot
yeast infections 
respiratory infection/issues


I absolutely love this stuff. Yes, it smells like garlic. But it definitely is a game changer.


A drop or two in your ear, if stuffy or infected, will clear it up! 
It can also be used topically. We use in place of vapor rub on the chest, back, or bottoms of the feet.


Why buy something full of chemicals,that you don’t know much about, when you can get a natural remedy that has no side affects? 


Our ingredients- organic garlic and organic olive oil.


It takes 8 weeks to make and supplies are limited.


Available in 1 ounce dropper bottles. 

GOOT (Garlic Olive Oil Tincture)

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