My sinus syrup is specially formulated to help balance your immune systems response to these substances.

It has a natural antihistamine plus helps with inflammation of the airways and sinuses! I use locally foraged organic ingredients as well as local raw honey!

Sinus syrup ingredients:
All organic 

Nettle - natural antihistamine 
Goldenrod (local)-great for ragweed allergies 
Mullein (local)-great for lung and sinus health 
Elderberry - immune booster 
Dandelion (local)- great for seasonal allergies 
Berkey purified water 
Raw local honey 

We use it for any respiratory issues.


I dont use any preservatives to ensure purity. Once opened please refrigerate! I do include expiration dates. It lasts 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator. 

It freezes well. So can be frozen for up to a year. We make popsicles or freeze in ice cube trays, that way we can just take out what we need. We also use in smoothies or juice. 

I seal my jars and offer shipping. Shipping depends on weight and distance. Once you receive your order I suggest putting in the refrigerator. 
We take a tablespoon as symptoms persist for adults. Children over 2 can have a teaspoon.


Or 2-3 times a day during peak allergy season. 

Sinus Syrup